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We amplify progressive, disruptive ideas about storytelling through any kind of space or medium.
And it is our strong belief that the power of live theatre connects us across difference, puts us in proximity of one another, and strengthens our tether to our commonalities.

Keep support us with our good stories & have fun towards creativity!
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Our Next Online Event:

Dalam Babak Dua
*perform in Bahasa Malaysia and mix English

SESI #1: 3 Julai 2020 | 9pm
SESI #2: 4 Julai 2020 | 3pm
SESI #3: 4 Julai 2020 | 9pm
SESI #4: 5 Julai 2020 | 3pm
**Link tiket untuk setiap sesi boleh lihat ruang Event kami di bawah:-